Hi, we are Tectus...how can we help? What is a Smart Home?

Your smart home begins with detection of you presence in the home, knowing this and knowing the time of day your home will adjust to your requirements, heating or cooling as required, playing your favorite soundtracks, and adjusting the lights and shades to suit.

A smart home is so unobtrusive as to be unnoticed. It operates around you, knowing your preferences, your music and your moods. It cares for you and your family, adjusting temperatures, lights and music invisibly as you move in and around your home.

There should be no banks of switches, no endless voice commands being recorded by internet servers, no selling of your data, and absolutely no potential charge for these services. You have bought your smart home, you should not have to subscribe to it via advertising or monthly payments. Look at any internet use model, the services start out free, then slowly change to include intrusive advertising, then want a subscription for an ad free service. Are you prepared to put yourself at the mercy of Amazon?

We are not an internet based service, we offer you a smart home controlled from your home, with free software upgrades with every release.

Lighting Control

With the most intelligent lighting control, you can create lighting moods for any occasion with endless possibilities and flexibility.

Shading Control

Whether its blinds, awnings or hurricane shutters – reliably control shading. This is especially important in regulating temperature in your home. No matter what the season motorized blinds will control the amount of sunlight that comes in through your windows.

Room Climate

Individually control the temperature of each room with intelligent interaction between shading, solar panels and more. Keep rooms at their comfortable levels of temperature, humidity and air quality without the need for a smart thermostat.

Multi-Room Audio

Play music in every room without any voice commands. Wake up to an upbeat playlist.

Energy Management

Every function works together with energy efficiency in mind. This means you save on energy bills without extra effort as your smart home figures it out for you.


A comprehensive home security system with both burglary and data protection. Your home even protects against dangers such as fire and water leaks. Video doorbell, intercom, NFC products, alarms and more for a comprehensive security system.

Access Control

With our free Loxone App for your smart device, you can easily control the access rights to the building, manage users, assign access rights and see who is at your door.


Monitor the water levels in your pool and get an alert when low.

Smart Homes save up to 50,000 tasks per year with our real smart homes, more time for the important things

See how you can manage heat, cool and air quality, don’t waste energy on empty rooms and when there is no one home. Make sure your house is ready when you arrive home or when that unexpected guest arrives. Always at that perfect temperature for you.

Light up your moods, with our lighting YOU decide how your room appears, warm and inviting for your guests, or bright and clean when you are preparing a meal. Welcome your friends with outdoor lighting at the barbecue – we even have a smart sensor to make sure you don’t overcook the steaks. All at the touch of a smart switch.

Have your family’s playlists all from our audio player, individual room and zone control will wake you up to your favorite morning music, whilst granny listens to The Beach Boys in the guest room.

Smart Businesses

Business owners know the operating costs of a buildings needs to be controlled in the most efficient manner to keep overheads under control. Our smart solutions know when rooms or space is being used, when light and climate control are needed, shutting down those expenses wherever possible. Our LED lighting can be adjusted to day and night requirements and is much lower cost than traditional lighting. Our climate control is sensitive to outside temperatures and can adjust accordingly.

Access control is mission critical for many companies, make sure that only authorized personnel can access your controlled areas, and track times in and out.

Process control need active temperature monitoring and timing, and flow control, all available with our commercial product, complete with out of range alerts, high humidity monitoring, and leak alerts. Typically used in Micro Breweries our systems can precisely measure processes needed and ensure a first class product every time.

Assisted Living

We can provide real time monitoring and alert services, to keep your loved ones safe. By monitoring and recording a typical days movement around the house, the server can tell when something is out of the ordinary. A simple push message to the occupants mobile, simply acknowledged, will confirm all is well. If there is no response however the system can quickly escalate the potential issue.

Users will carry a smart remote, which will allow instant calling in the event of a problem and together with emergency touch pads located strategically, will allow for swift responses when needed, and advise not just immediate careers, but also family members living close by.


Most of our systems are cabled, and where we HAVE to use wireless communications, we use frequencies which are not a part of the WiFi spectrum and are not detectable via WiFi. All this means our systems cannot be detected outside the home. If a bad player does scan your external IP address they will not be able to detect any evidence of your smart home, and if they scan your WiFi they will not detect any of your devices.

When you use any of the other services, your commands travel to internet servers, where they are recorded then returned to the device you are controlling. This gives hackers multiple opportunities to see traffic passing to and from known internet servers and to analyze that traffic. If you are using WiFi cameras or doorbell, you should stop now, there are freely available tools on the internet to detect this and intercept the traffic, allowing malicious players to take over your equipment.

Hi, we are Tectus...how can we help? What is a Smart Home?

See how you can manage heat, cool and air quality, don’t waste energy on empty rooms and when there is no one home. Make sure your house is ready when you arrive home or when that unexpected guest arrives. Always at that perfect temperature for you.

Advanced Systems

Our systems are the most advanced on the market today, a smart home that anticipates your needs. With a “Mini Server” installed in your home, there is no cloud service, no need to “ask Alexa, or OK Google” as these companies are just storing your data for later use to either sell or fine tune their ad campaigns. With Tectus, your Data is Your Data .
No question, No risk, No Cloud.

How do we update it?

In short, you don’t – we do. Every new software upgrade is released free of charge and can easily be installed by you with a single click. Once you system is installed you can forget about it, it will be continuously updated and refined. Any new useful features will be advised to you via email and our Installers, upgrades or changes can be carried out remotely or on site. All at no cost to you the user.

What about hackers?

Today’s biggest worry, following stories of doorbell and room cameras being hacked. Well let us assure you right from the outset, our equipment is cabled for the most part, and where we absolutely have to use radio telemetry, it is nowhere near the WiFi frequencies or protocols that are so easily hacked and targeted by criminals. We avoid hacking by the simple expedient of not being present on the internet.