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Smart security system for home & business

A comprehensive home security system with both burglary and data protection. Your home even protects against dangers such as fire and water leaks. Video doorbell, intercom, NFC products, alarms and more for a comprehensive security system.

Safety for the building and everyone inside of it

In a Loxone Smart Home, your home stays on guard when you go to sleep at night. In any business or office, it does the same as the last employee leaves. In any case of an intruder, the building will know to activate a four-phase smart alarm system, starting with a smartphone notification. Similarly when the building detects a water leak, you will be immediately notified via smartphone notification.

Panic Button

You can define a specific button to serve as a trigger for an alarm. This alarm will include flashing lights, raising blinds and turning music on full volume.

Away Mode

When you leave the building along with a triple-tap on a Touch switch, this will put the building in Away Mode. This means the building will go into defense mode while also operating as efficiently as possible.

Damage Protection

Early detection of potential dangers like fire or excessive temperature can save the building and the lives inside of it. You will be immediately alerted of any potential danger.