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Smart HVAC controls for homes & businesses

Individually control the temperature of each room with intelligent interaction between shading, solar panels and more. Keep rooms at their comfortable levels of temperature, humidity and air quality without the need for a smart thermostat.

Healthy room climate starts with smart home climate control

Imagine a home that maintains your ideal indoor climate around the clock all on its own. How is this possible? With true automation. The smart home heating and cooling system knows when and how to adjust the temperature and air quality without even needing a thermostat. Residents are free of any thoughts or actions to change the temperature when they leave their house or go to sleep at night. Save money without even trying.

Save on energy costs

Beyond HVAC controls, your home even knows how to work with motorized blinds for the most efficient heating & cooling. For example, during the day, the blinds will automatically open so the sun can help heat your rooms.

Monitor Statistics

See how your home or commercial building is performing by checking statistics related to temperature and discover even more potential savings. This can be easily viewed with the Loxone App on your smartphone or tablet.

Always Informed

If something ever goes wrong, your house will notify you immediately. This gives you a chance to react quickly to prevent any possible damage.