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Find new ways to experience audio.

Play music in every room without any voice commands. Wake up to an upbeat playlist. Cook breakfast whilst listening to your podcast. Unwind with movie mode. The choice is yours with and smart speakers or sound system.

Enjoy audio in new ways

Gone are the days of a CD player in the bedroom, a radio in the kitchen and a sound system in the living room. Our multi-room audio system removes the limitations on how you used to experience audio from room to room. You can now transfer songs from one room to another, or have completely different audio in different rooms without needing different devices.

Voice Reminders

Define text phrases that your home will then announce over your speakers. Create reminders for instances like an open garage door or any reminder you choose.

Musical Greeting

As you enter any room, music will automatically welcome you. Walk in to a different song in every room or keep the same song in any room you enter.

Apple Air Play

Stream music from your Apple devices directly to your Loxone multi-room audio system.