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Personalized lighting moods

With the most intelligent lighting control, you can create lighting moods for any occasion with endless possibilities and flexibility. Any Loxone or third party lighting fixtures can be integrated, addressed individually and even work in unison. Think beyond the basic “on” and “off”. With Loxone automation and light control, functionality goes beyond what any control systems can offer.

Multi-functional lighting

Lighting affects not just what you can see, but also how you feel. In any smart home or commercial building. With either our specially developed LED lights or any third-party lights, they can be controlled to fit your needs and influence your wellbeing with maximum energy efficiency. Pair Motion Sensors with LED lighting fixtures for a truly automated, smart lighting system.


Dimming makes the room both look and feel more comfortable. Plus, it can help you save on energy costs – another way to feel more comfortable.

Energy Savings

Lights automatically deactivate when nobody is present. With a double- or triple-tap, you can be sure the whole room or whole building turns off respectively.

Wake up easier

Let the transition of lighting, mimicking the sun, wake you up in the morning. This will help your body’s natural circadian rhythm.