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Energy Management

Put the brakes on high energy costs. Get to know the most intelligent energy management system. Energy savings potential can be found within solar panels used for heating, by cutting off power guzzlers, or using stored energy for free car charging and more. Every function works together with energy efficiency in mind. This means you save on energy bills without extra effort as your smart home figures it out for you.

Regulate Temperature

With Tectus your home will always maintain a comfortable temperature in the most efficient way possible. This means it uses resources like automatic blinds as a first step to help heat or cool the rooms before activating you heating and cooling system. This activity can be tracked right in the app. Watch as your building saves you up to 50% on heating and cooling costs per year.

Monitor energy usage

Through the Energy Monitor in the app, you can view your home’s current electricity consumption as well as energy production. This is especially helpful when you have a photovoltaic system. You can use the electricity you produce to fill your hot water tank or to activate the pool’s filter pump free of charge.

Use self-produced power to charge your car

Have your own solar filling station for your electric car thanks to your self-produced photovoltaic power. Define the charging current, start and pause the charging process at any time within the app. Plus your home knows how to intelligently monitor your current load to protect your power supply against overload.

Turn off standby devices

Your home will know to turn off all standby devices and other power guzzlers. This is especially helpful when you’re away.

Room off & house off

With just a double-tap, you can turn the lights off of the entire room. A triple-tap does the same, but for the entire home.

Monitor Statistics

At any time and anywhere, you can view statistics in the app based on your building’s energy usage. This can help you realize your potential energy savings.