Nice to meet you About Tectus

Advanced Systems

Our systems are the most advanced on the market today, a smart home that anticipates your needs. With a “Mini Server” installed in your home, there is no cloud service, no need to “ask Alexa, or OK Google” as these companies are just storing your data for later use to either sell or fine tune their ad campaigns.

When you ask Alexa to turn on the bathroom lights at 06.00AM on a Monday morning are you ready for an advertising jingle for malty puffs played at full volume on your hifi? Or maybe to pay to suppress ad’s? Now where have we heard that before? In our smart homes, your data is yours, no one is recording it or selling it – it is a fundamental part of security

Our server monitors the motion detectors and knows you are out of bed, knows its 06.00AM and knows the bathroom lights must be on (fairly low) and the shower should be warm, with Cat Stevens quietly singing “Morning has Broken” in the background. Even if you hate Cat Stevens it still sounds good?

This is the difference between the many voice commands you would require to achieve bathroom happiness, and a real smart home. To say nothing of the kids also being woken up at the appointed time (fair enough, not to Cat Stevens) whilst lighting and climate are adjusted in your living space for the day ahead.

A real smart home does not use third party devices with an on line cloud based server to manage your home, a real smart home is a part of your home, it complements your life making it more fruitful and enjoyable. A real smart home integrates all the variables, lights, blinds, heating and cooling, music, access control, and protection. It is a complete one stop solution to a life which gives you more back.

How do we update it?

In short, you don’t – we do. Every new software upgrade is released free of charge and can easily be installed by you with a single click. Once you system is installed you can forget about it, it will be continuously updated and refined. Any new useful features will be advised to you via email and our Installers, upgrades or changes can be carried out remotely or on site. All at no cost to you the user.

What about hackers?

Today’s biggest worry, following stories of doorbell and room cameras being hacked. Well let us assure you right from the outset, our equipment is cabled for the most part, and where we absolutely have to use radio telemetry, it is nowhere near the WiFi frequencies or protocols that are so easily hacked and targeted by criminals. We avoid hacking by the simple expedient of not being present on the internet.

Your Data is Your Data – No question, No risk, No Cloud.

What is a Smart Home?

Your smart home begins with detection of you presence in the home, knowing this and knowing the time of day your home will adjust to your requirements, heating or cooling as required, playing your favorite soundtracks, and adjusting the lights and shades to suit.

A smart home is so unobtrusive as to be unnoticed. It operates around you, knowing your preferences, your music and your moods. It cares for you and your family, adjusting temperatures, lights and music invisibly as you move in and around your home.

There should be no banks of switches, no endless voice commands being recorded by internet servers, no selling of your data, and absolutely no potential charge for these services. You have bought your smart home, you should not have to subscribe to it via advertising or monthly payments. Look at any internet use model, the services start out free, then slowly change to include intrusive advertising, then want a subscription for an ad free service. Are you prepared to put yourself at the mercy of Amazon?

We are not an internet based service, we offer you a smart home controlled from your home, with free software upgrades with every release.